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Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods of printing t-shirts and other types of clothes. History of screen printing dates back to the medieval China. In Europe a screen printing began to be used in 1700 to decorate a silk. Thanks to Tomáš Baťa, this technology came to Czechoslovakia, where it began to be used mainly in industrial graphics. This method was popularized in the 20th century by a pop art artist with Slovak roots Andy Warhol.

What is a progress of screen printing?

The first step in direct printing is to prepare the film. The graphic theme is printed on the film and it is then used to illuminate the screen and create a template. With the template we can print the theme on t-shirts and other types of clothes. The printing takes place on a screen printing machine.

Advantages of screen printing:

  • the ideal method for printing textile products
  • color stability
  • long duration
  • accuracy and details
  • In several pieces is the cheapest form of printing