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About Us


Here for you since 2006


We’re a prominent slovakian company which specializes in manufacture of sportswear and clothing. We’re here since 2006. Our main goal and philosophy is to offer complex care in areas of sport and advertisement for our customers. Our top three priorities in regards to our customers are: SERVICE, QUALITY and PROMPTNESS.

Department of sport production is based on our own production of sportsbrand 3b, complex supply in regards to sport clubs in training process and in overall supplementation of sportswear.

Because of our state-of-art technology, we’re able to fulfill even most demanding customers. Our quality was awarded by the chance of outfitting Slovak international hockey team, outfitting most prominent sport clubs in Slovakia. Other than that, we’re proud to be manufacturers of sportswear not only in Europe, but in USA, Canada or Australia.

Sportswear created in our company is characterised by original, uninterchangable design which separates us from the rest. Our main priority is functionality, expediency and specificality for each sport. Our kits and clothing is available to be ordered even in one piece even after longer period of time, which is another of our advantages compared to other manufacturers. Our customers are also granted quick deliveries, full-featured servis and sound prices.

Our department of advertisement is ready to help our customers to fulfill their ideas. We’re technologically self-sufficent, we can and know how to implement complex solutions in domain of advertisement. We offer textile printing, embroidery, small and large format digital priting, 3D signs?, light advertisement, automobile decals, production of advertisement boards and billboards, advertisement items, laser carving, engraving and a lot more.

We hope, you can choose something from our portfolio, and our team of professionals in 3b will become a reliance in making your requirements come true.



Ing. Ľubomír Bizub, owner 3b