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Hockey jerseys

You can choose hockey jerseys from our wide collection, or we can design you your unique design. Our graphic designers will accomodate it into a plan, which can be made into a real product in a span of few hours thanks to our sublimation process. Advantage of sublimation process is that colours used by this process are infused directly into the fabric, and the colour palette which can be used is basically endless, also thanks to this process, thus we’re able to print even in bright neon colours. Jerseys can also be crafted from more pieces and then sewn into one on which we can apply other methods of printing. We’re also able to embroid your own logos or numbers on them. Hockey jerseys are also available in kid sizes.

Why 3b?
  • Generated with Avocode.Layer 41 Tradition and Experience
  • Generated with Avocode.Layer 40 Quality verified by customers
  • Generated with Avocode.Layer 39 Short delivery time
  • Generated with Avocode.Layer 38 Original design
  • Generated with Avocode.Layer 35 Made in Slovakia

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